American Design Combined with the Ingenuity of Artisan Craftsmanship.

“Few have the humility to look to the past and study what has already been done, but there isn’t modernity, knowledge and creativity without tradition.”

This is the true spirit of TAVAT, a company that joins performance and design with great respect for tradition. Eyewear crafted by artisans while incorporating modern materials and timeless design. TAVTA’s creative heart is set in the hills of Pasadena, CA. while their skilled optical craftsmen create in the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy.

TAVAT combines form and function utilizing the very best materials and technologies for both frames and lenses. Their frames reflect all the technological advances made over recent years bringing the customers the best choice of design, performance and value.

TAVAT is dedicated in bringing the customers the best in lens technologies and at the same time, educating the public about the importance of high quality lenses. TAVAT believes that eye health is the responsibility of your trusted optical professional who can advise you on correct lenses for your specific lifestyle needs.

TAVAT believes that this is not only important for prescription eyewear, but also for sunglasses. Performance to them means that everything needs to function together helping you see more clearly and more comfortably. TAVAT achieves this with performance eyewear and lenses which filter out high energy visible light associated with macular degeneration.


Date:  19.12.2015
Skills:  Frames, Sunglasses
Client:  Timeless Elegant Eyewear, Made in Italy
Tavat | T-Optik